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internet technology

Good and high-quality live streaming requires a fast stable internet connection, which is why we work with the best 4G-LTE routers and antenna boosters, so that we have a good connection everywhere. From the busy city center in Amsterdam to remote places in nature, we always ensure that the livestream can run effortlessly. Of course we always test the connection extensively in advance, so that we are always sure that everything runs smoothly.

internettechnologe eventwifi
internttechnologie eventwifi

Visitors nowadays expect good internet at every event, and this is not yet the case at every location. Fortunately, Event producer also has solutions for this, so that visitors always have good and fast internet.

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Not only the visitors benefit from this, but it is also useful for the organization of each event. A good internet connection is essential for the smooth operation of cash registers, payment terminals, ticket systems, registration systems and much more.

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