video production

A good video or livestream is the best way to deliver a message to your audience - doing it professionally can be tricky at times.

That is why we offer easy solutions, so that we can set up a production quickly and without much trouble.

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Over the years we have gained a lot of experience with all kinds of customers and jobs, which is why we can be deployed everywhere. Nothing is too crazy for us, and we are always looking for a new challenge!


We design custom titles according to your wishes and in your corporate identity, different for every event.


Trailers are the perfect way to announce your event, and they also do well on social media. We ensure that the message gets across to the target group quickly.


Aftermovies are perhaps the most important way to look back at your event and to get people excited about the next edition. Every event is different, and so is every aftermovie. We ensure that viewers get a good idea of your event within minutes.

Broadcast FX

Custom made graphics, bumpers and transitions in the corporate identity of the event

Instant Replay

The most important moments are immediately repeated, both to screens at the event and to social media (also in slow motion)

Drone Shots

Our professional drone pilots show the event in a way that no visitor has seen, both live and in the aftermovie.

Live Reporter

In addition to technicians, we also supply live reporters, who report on the event and provide unique content.

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