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Eventproducent is specializes in live streaming to the internet. Through years of experience and working exclusively with professionals, we transform your event into a real online TV show, which can be viewed on all social media or in our custom branded player with login or pay-per-view layer. At any event, there are always a lot of people who cannot or are unable to attend, which is a missed opportunity to reach people. We offer several concept for a live event. Since Covid19 our Event-style webinars are very populair. Including LED screens and live remote speakers or Zoom integrations. We can build this right in your on business or office.

Thanks to a professional live stream that can be watched on different platforms, you will still be able to reach more people and attract a larger audience than ever before!

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Live streams come in all shapes and sizes, and this can be quite overwhelming. Because which people do you really need? And how does it all work? What needs to be prepared in advance?

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Event producer provides a full-service production, which means that we take everything that comes our way from start to finish. We ensure that the right people are in the right place, that the necessary technology and material is available, and that the show is fully prepared and clear for everyone involved.


Through experience with (international) webcasts, webinars, congresses, corporate events, fashion shows, extreme sports events and much more, we are prepared for anything - nothing is too crazy for us!

The livestream can eventually be streamed to all channels you can think of, from Youtube to Facebook, but also on the sites of all parties involved in the Event. Both the entire event and short highlights can be viewed immediately on any platform you can imagine. To close the event properly, we can also make an Aftermovie or Eventreport.


  • Impactful online events based on our success formulas

  • Fully adapted to your specific wishes

  • Complete formats for both small and mega events

  • Everything has been thought of to keep your spectators engaged

  • Multi-casting to all your channels such as your website and social media

  • Full-service production with the best people and materials

  • 100% interference-free thanks to our cloud streaming platform and 4G backup connections

The right people in the right place

Good cooperation is essential for successful production, which is why we always adapt to the wishes and needs of the customer, and together we achieve the best result.

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Thanks to our extensive network of media specialists, we have the right people for every job.


We design custom titles according to your wishes and in your corporate identity, different for every event.


Trailers are the perfect way to announce your event, and they also do well on social media. We ensure that the message gets across to the target group quickly.


Aftermovies are perhaps the most important way to look back at your event and to get people excited about the next edition. Every event is different, and so is every aftermovie. We ensure that viewers get a good idea of your event within minutes.

Broadcast FX

Custom made graphics, bumpers and transitions in the corporate identity of the event

Instant Replay

The most important moments are immediately repeated, both to screens at the event and to social media (also in slow motion)

Drone Shots

Our professional drone pilots show the event in a way that no visitor has seen, both live and in the aftermovie.

Live Reporter

In addition to technicians, we also supply live reporters, who report on the event and provide unique content.

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